The Rules


On November 5th 2019 while browsing  Instagram, I saw two similar photos. The only difference is the second photo was cropped. Get it?

Someone stole my photo. This has been happening to everyone not just bloggers, vloggers and content creators. It’s actually fine to share posts because social media sites, as well as websites, allow sharing.

However, it is not right to grab photos and post it on social media as if you actually own it. It’s not also right to crop it because there is a reason the photographer arranged the elements and took the photo that way.

“There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world, there is only the inevitable.”

Yūko Ichihara, ×××Holic

With that, I have decided to add watermarks again.  I used to place one but decided not to because it ruins the photo. But I came to a realisation that it is needed.

For reference, below are the watermarks I’ve used in the past as well as my official logo / watermark. Yep, I didn’t actually have a logo before. I think now is the time to use one. 🙂

Now these are the versions of my official logo. Only I, the owner/author/blogger can use any of these.  

Going back, I know there are sites and photographers that allow their photos to be used with or without accreditation but there are still restrictions. You really have to read the terms added in.

My Rules

There are several ways to give credits to the owner. For instance, a brand re-posts a photo of a follower where they were actually tagged, they always tag the owner back.

My rules are simple.

  1. If you want to SHARE my content (from the website, Facebook etc.) where there is an option for sharing, you may do so.
  2. If you want to re-post a photo from my Instagram, you may do so but make sure to tag me. No need to ask permission especially if I tagged/hashtagged you.
  3. BUT if you want my photos for whatever purpose and the fact that I didn’t share it with you, KINDLY ASK FOR MY PERMISSION.

Yes, I don’t have a huge following. I am basically no one to most of you. But I love and value my work. I do my best to improve my writing, shots, and direction. Look, there have been people in the past who would ask permission to use my photo and I allow them because they simply ask.

Since we’re in this topic, I also have photos on my platforms that are not mine. I always add in the description where I got the photo and/or who gave it to me. I sometimes publish press releases here so if you want those photos, ask me first and I will direct you to the proper owner, okay?