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Thoughts on Wonder Woman (2017)

Steve Trevor: [to Diana] I can save today. You can save the world. Apparently, Wonder Woman is also set to save the entire DC extended universe. From the moment Diana Prince left the plane to help our two biggest superheroes fight Doomsday, we saw how incredibly electrifying her character is! Flash-forward to 2017, we all got to see the long-awaited film version of Wonder Woman. Based on reviews and social media feeds, the reception towards Princess Diana of Themyscira is very positive: 92% Rotten Tomatoes | 4/5 The Guardian | 3/4 Roger Ebert. So what made Wonder Woman a box office success? Well, here are my thoughts!

Comic-Con 2016: Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Other Trailers You Should See

As expected, the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is full of big reveals. Marvel and Netflix unveiled new teasers of their TV offerings such as The Defenders, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Comic-Con also brought in a satisfying amount of trailers of the most anticipated films this year and the next. In fact, DC Comics gave fans a special treat through a Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage. (I’m still screaming!) Are you ready to indulge in some pop culture madness? Below are some of the major trailers you should see. Happy watching!