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Spending Some Quiet Time at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Don’t get me wrong. I love and need coffee in my life but this is my first time visiting The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. In fact, I rarely visit coffee shops. I actually already have a place I visit from time to time; not to mention, we have a coffee maker and a French press at home plus the occasional 3-in-1 coffee mix. Look, I’m not a barista. I’m aware that there is a right way to make coffee but I enjoy making my own cup at home. It’s fun, rewarding and not so expensive. But this does not mean that I’m not interested in visiting different coffee shops. I love the smell of fresh-made coffee (and tea) so I am bound to be attracted to them. It’s just that I didn’t have a lot of chance to visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. So when I finally did, I did not hesitate!