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Tamarind: Taste of Issan Thai, The Block, SM North EDSA

One Sunday morning, my family and I decided to search for a nice restaurant at the mall. Sure, malls are busy on a weekend but if you plan to eat after hearing the mass then it’s the best place to be. They basically have it all! So after finding a parking space at SM North EDSA’s new building, we did a little walking and ended up at a place called Tamarind: Taste of Thai. We’ve been to this mall countless times but that was the first time we passed by that area. Thus, we didn’t hesitate to try it.

Hui Lau Shan: Hong-Kong Style Mango Drinks and Desserts

Name a person who doesn’t like mangoes. Can’t think of anyone? That’s because everyone loves mangoes. But if you ask them what’s their favourite mango drink, dessert or if they like it as it is, then you will definitely get a number and a variety of answers. And once you hear them, make sure to tell them all about Hui Lau Shan. Not familiar? Well, Hui Lau Shan is a dessert and refreshment brand from Hong Kong known for its mango creations. In fact, they have over 300 stores globally – China, Malaysia, South Korea, Macau, Canada, Taiwan, Paris, Vietnam and, Melbourne. And now, they are in the Philippines.

A Frozen Magical Holiday at SM North EDSA

Last year was a Glitter Critter Christmas. This year is a Frozen Magical Holiday at SM North EDSA. Having seent their holiday display? On November 8, SM City North EDSA unveiled their Frozen Magical Holiday celebration with a 45ft Snowflake Christmas Tree! ❄️ The amazing display features cascading crystal lights, icicles and snowflakes! Wanna see? Here’s a short video. I hope you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well! And with the upcoming release of Disney’s “Frozen 2”, kids will be given the chance to meet and greet Elsa and Anna on November 29, 30, and December 1 at The Block Atrium. Want your kids to complete the magical malling experience? Frozen 2 merchandise are also available at The Block Atrium.

Roberto’s, a Filipino – American Steak House

SM North EDSA’s new wing called the North Towers features various restaurants. Though I frequent that mall, I haven’t had the chance to fully explore that building. So when we parked at the newest building, we decided to find a restaurant there as well. We chose Roberto’s, a Filipino – American Steak House. According to their Facebook page, this place offers 100% Australian Beef and with an omnipresent Western Flavours among its menu, and making sure that quality food is served at pleasing prices combines with a relaxing ambience to form an incomparable dining experience. 

Enjoy a Hearty Feast at Hukad, North Towers

Golden Cowrie, Cebu’s homegrown restaurant has been bringing families together since it opened its doors in Lahug, Cebu City in 1982. Fast forward to 2018, the Filipino restaurant continues to offer traditional Filipino flavors along with its restaurant venture – Hukad. The brand Hukad which means “limitless servings of food” was developed in 2008. Like the Golden Cowrie, Hukad also brings native Filipino cuisine WITH THE ADDITION of fresh and exciting dishes to welcome the new wave of customers. The Cebu-grown brand now has branches all over the country one of which is located at the newly-opened wing of SM North EDSA. Hukad, North Towers If I’m not mistaken, the North Towers opened on December 7th along with their art walk installation. I really wanted to see the creations of our young, talented Filipino artists so my family and I decided to hear the mass early and go straight to the North Towers. Thank goodness the building have plenty of parking spaces. It really helped lessen the traffic due to the Christmas rush. Anyway as I …