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Your 2016 Guide to Films Based on Comics and Novels

Comics were once a niche subculture but with a huge following. From the early superhero films to the new ones such as Marvels’ The Avengers (2012), DC Comic’s Man of Steel (2013), and many more, we witnessed how this subculture dominated mainstream. But it doesn’t end there. Novels, also played a huge part in the film industry. Successful films such as Die Hard, Rambo: Frist Blood, as well as Disney’s original Parent Trap were all based on novels. Die Hard is from Roderick Thorp’s Nothing Lasts Forever, Rambo: Frist Blood is from David Morrell’s First Blood, and Parent Trap is from the German novel Lottie and Lisa (Das doppelte Lottchen) by Erich Kästne. In 2016, this trend continues. And why wouldn’t it? Comic books and novels especially young adult books have massive fans. If you are a comic book enthusiast and/or a book lover, below are films based on comics and novels which will be released this year. The 5th Wave – January 20 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – February 5 Deadpool – February …

Top 10 Movies to Watch this 2016

Every year, a huge list of wonderful films (and not so) are released. Aside from local and international ones, we also have independent films and whatnot. And though we make a list of what to watch, it can be quite impossible to follow. There are days when we do not have the budget or the time. Sometimes we change our mind or the film is not available for viewing in our country. These are acceptable because we will be able to see them anyway in a few months to a year or so on TV. Plus, with the emergence of Netflix, iflix, and HOOQ we can easily watch them on our smartphones and computers once it becomes available. However, nothing beats the feeling of watching a film on cinemas during the “hype”. That is why I am still keeping a list of movies I will (try to) watch in theatres this year.