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Adobo Meals, Kare-Kare & More at Adobo Connection, SM North EDSA

Adobo is a classic and one of the most popular Filipino dishes. It’s made of meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables and then cooked in vinegar with garlic, bay leaf, salt and peppercorn. You can also add soy sauce if you want to. I honestly prefer adding in some soy sauce but it depends on your taste. Sometimes it depends on which part of the country you grew up in. You see, adobo has many variations. Adobo dishes in Manila are quite saucy while Zamboanga features a thicker sauce with the help of coconut cream. It can also change colour like in Batangas’ case which is reddish-orange because they use achuete. Some places like Laguna use turmeric while Bicol uses coconut milk.

Welcome to Haulah Cafe, Visayas Avenue’s New Neighborhood Cafe!

They say, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” In Haulah Cafe’s case, it literally started with the words silver lining. During the media event organised by Haulah Cafe, we sat down with one of the owners, Ms Rochelle Ramos where she shared their struggles and the inspiration which helped them find the correct path towards Haulah Cafe. Ms Ramos also shared a very personal story about her aunt, who she dearly loves and looks up to. To her, she’s not only an aunt but also a friend and a mentor. But when life took its course, she was left with a dream. So they set out on a journey which at first didn’t work out.

Make Celebrations Extra Special with Frank & Carol’s Premium Cakes

Chimes Square, a building along Congressional Avenue Extension opened in 2014. This building featured great restaurants which resulted in Chimes Square being my family’s go-to place when we dine out. But in 2018 some of those restaurants started closing its doors which left me sad. Congressional Avenue Extension became quieter especially since the food parks around the area already closed down.