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Millennials, Pranks & Just Deserts: Thoughts on Pwera Usog (2017)

The moment I heard about Regal Films’ Pwera Usog, I was curious on how this will be presented and how far will it go. “Usog” is actually a curse wherein a stranger gives a person, usually a child a bad stare or an evil eye. The only way to counter this is with the use of saliva. You lick your fingertip then create a cross pattern on the child’s abdomen or forehead while saying “pwera usog!” Interesting, right? The Philippines has had horror films that explored a specific Filipino superstition like Chito S. Roño’s Sukob (2006). This is a wedding superstition wherein one should not get married the same year a relative marries or dies. With a great cast – Box-Office Horror Queen Kris Aquino and veteran actress Claudine Barretto and a beautiful script, Director Roño was able to deliver an outstanding horror film. Advertisements