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Mango or Guava? PIK-A-PIKEL Now at 7-Eleven Stores!

Mangga or mango is the national fruit of the Philippines. This lovely fruit is heart-shaped with a single flat seed. Unripe ones have a smooth green skin and crunchy flesh while the ripe ones have yellow skin with a soft, sweet, and juicy pulp.  If you prefer the unripe ones, then you will love Pik-a-Pikel’s products that comes in a jar or pouch! Pik-a-Pikel founded by Victor Antonio B. Nola Jr, a.k.a Tony, started in 2011 where he joined bazaars in the metro to sell his homemade creations which was a hit! So when he was given the opportunity, he grabbed it, researched and planned well. Would you like to know his story and how Pik-a-Pikel make their pickled mangoes? Here you go! 🙂