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From the Maker of Lecheng Maja Comes Lecheng Inutak

From the maker of Lecheng Maja comes to another great culinary invention called Lecheng Inutak. Direk Ojet recently released his newest addition to his gourmet kitchen. Like his first creation, the Lecheng Inutak also comes with layers and layers of goodness. But first, what is Inutak? Inutak is a Pateros delicacy also known in neighbouring Taguig City. It is made of sticky rice mixed with coconut milk and coconut cream baked over a charcoal fire. Ojet’s Lecheng Inutak, on the other hand, offers a fresh new spin!

Ojet’s Lecheng Maja & Avocados from The Grocer by OLM

Who loves maja blanca? How about maja blanca with a twist? The other day my family and I got to try Ojet’s Lecheng Maja. No, I’m not cursing you. It’s really called Lecheng Maja. Ojet’s Lecheng Maja is made from pure coconut milk, fresh corn and milk. Besides this creamy white layer, there is also a layer of leche flan at the bottom.