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Trying Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar’s Milk Teas

I learned about Nitro 7 Coffee & Bar during PitStop’s media launch in 2017. I think they were just called Nitro 7 back then and they are Philippines’ first nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee and tea bar! The Coffee & Tea Bar Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar actually started in 2016. They are a concept bar that operates a new technology in coffee and tea preparation. They brew their premium coffee beans in cold temperature for 8 hours, infuse it with nitrogen gas, and serve it in tap like draft beer. I was really amazed by that nitrogen gas thing and remember that there were dessert shops who use that, too. Going back to the point. After drinking their coffee, I never forgot the taste. So I would pass by that area just to buy a cup from them.