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Happy New Year

How is your 2014 going so far? Mine is kind of slow but I like it. I get to do more things after the Holiday rush. I am able to watch more movies, bond with my relatives and clean my room. But before I go back to work and my normal schedule, I would like to share with you a glimpse of what my Christmas and New Year was like. Also, be sure to check your email. I will be sharing new blog posts about restaurants and cafes I discovered. I hope you enjoy reading them. Thank you and Happy 2014! Eat-All-You-Can My colleagues and I had a simple dinner slash Christmas Party at YakiMix, a popular buffet restaurant that serves Chinese, Japanese and Korean Cuisine. Not only that, but they also serve a few American, Filipino, Italian and Thai dishes.

How to Start the New Year Right

So, how exactly will we do this? Is it by creating New Year’s resolution that we often forget? Or, by creating life goals and plans to make sure you have the best year ever? I choose to create attainable life goals and plans to make every year the best. Not only that, but I also added some elements that would make life brighter. You’ll need: A Planner I’m the type of person who forgets many things. To avoid missing an important occasion or a deadline, I downloaded an Android application on Google Play. The reminders I save are directly copied to my Google Calendar. It has an alarm and sends me a reminder via email. However, there are things that are best written on a planner. Before the New Year, I search for suitable planners. I’m happy that I found the perfect one from Moonleaf. Their new planner has a Pledge Doodle Space where you write down your Major Goals as well as Mini Goals for the year ahead. A Positive Mind Stress is inevitable, …