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JT’s Manukan Grille: The First Visit

Who doesn’t love the classic chicken inasal? According to the book “A Quick Guide to Filipino Food & Cooking” by Cris C. Abiva, Inasal is Visayan for barbecued or spit-roasted.

This cooking method starts with the chicken undergoing a serious marination. To make it even tastier, the marinated chicken can be left overnight and cooked the following day. The marinated chicken is then skewered on a spit which can either be wooden or metal and is slowly cooked over open fire.

With this cooking method and a distinct flavour, the chicken inasal easily became a Pinoy favourite. Filipinos from all walks of life love to eat this delicious meal. In fact, there are various restaurants around the country that offers the Western Visayas region’s famous chicken inasal one of which is JT’s Manukan Grille.