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Guilt-Free Milk Tea? Keto-Friendly Coffee? One UltraKappu, Please!

I know it’s hard to believe but guilt-free and healthy milk tea options do exist, all thanks to the newest milk tea bar in the metro. The place is called UltraKappu Milk Tea Bar located at Bali Garden Residences, South Zuzuarragui Street, Old Balara Quezon City. UltraKappu (urutorakappu) literally means “ULTRA CUP”. They are a 100% Filipino startup with a name and theme loosely inspired by Japanese superheroes like Ultraman. Cool, eh? I think it’s super! Their ingredients; however, are imported from the original birthplace of milk tea which is Taiwan. But other than that UltraKappu is a minimalist milk tea bar from the ambience all the way to the drinks they offer. What do I mean, you ask? Advertisements

TEApid Season? Why Not Prepare Your Own Milk Tea!

Though there are various tea shops in the country with prices ranging from Php60 to Php150, drinking it on a regular basis can be quite expensive. It can even get more expensive if you’re craving for more than one add-on. So what can you do if you’re on TEApid mode? Simple. Prepare your own! By the way, this post is not sponsored. I just enjoy Nestea’s milk tea flavored powdered drinks. It comes in Wintermelon, Hokkaido-style, Taro and Thai-style. I often drink Wintermelon because it is my ultimate fave when it comes to milk tea. Recently, I tried the Hokkaido-style, Thai-style and their newest flavor Taro. All three are delicious and very unique. If you love milk teas, you should really get one of each because it gives you a different kind of experience. Having said that, are you ready to know how to prepare your own milk tea at home? If you want to keep things simple, just pour a sachet into a glass and add in a small amount of hot water. Stir …

Revisiting Gong Cha at the Sky Garden

While attending the Bread & Brew fest with the other FoodieViews PH members last month, we realized something. Coffee has been our go-to drink since our thesis days especially now that we work. Clearly, coffee is life for us but we still have a soft spot for milk teas. So after the event, we went on a search for some delicious milk tea. Do you know how many tea shops there are in one mall? A LOT. Everywhere we look there’s a tea shop featuring a long queue of people. I don’t blame them though because we live in a tropical country where ice cold refreshments such as milk tea are essential. But here’s the tea. There are shops that are not worth the hype. There’s nothing wrong being patient but you also have to be sure it’s worth the wait. My foodie friends and I were glad that we decided to walk past those shops and went over to Gong Cha. This Taiwan-style drink shop was founded in 2006. From Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Gong Cha …