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Trese Book 6: High Tide at Midnight – The Comic Book Review

Following the story of Trese Book 5: Midnight Tribunal where many questions arose due to the emergence of Maliksi, the return of the Madame, and the appearance of Trese’s brothers is Trese Book 6: High Tide at Midnight. Similar to Book 5, High Tide at Midnight also moved away from the format of the earlier books. Despite that, the newest installment is action-packed marking the return of old friends and the rise of new evil. The sixth book is the thickest and probably the most difficult to get your hands on. As soon as it became available in bookstores, I went out to buy a copy. Unfortunately, they ran out and I didn’t want to go home disappointed. So I purchased the Kambal Trese mini-plush at Filbar’s P90 each!