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Lido Cocina Tsina by Panciteria Lido – Mindanao Avenue

The first Lido Cocina Tsina branch I visited is the one located in Visayas Avenue mainly because it’s near my place. Little did I know there’s another one close to me. The Mindanao Avenue branch may not be as spacious as the one in Visayas Avenue but it does have parking spaces and they’re right beside a gas station. Moreover, this Lido Cocina Tsina branch is well-lit, clean and ventilated. Their staff are courteous and friendly, too! When it comes to food, their Chinese dishes which are adapted to suit the Filipino palate doesn’t disappoint. In fact, they offer many choices which means you will surely find a dish that you will enjoy. They have some Rice Toppings Classico and Rice Toppings Primera perfect for solo diners. But if you’re with your family and/or friends, sharing is way better! For this food trip, we enjoyed the following: Hunan Style Lomi Beef Broccoli Drunken Lechon Macau Manchurian Wings Pugon-Roasted Asado Shrimp Foo-Yong Beef with Shallot Fried Rice Though all these dishes are delicious, there are a few that …

LIDO Cocina Tsina and the Lucky Angpao Tree

This was posted on February 15, 2015 but the original one got lost in the clouds… Moving to another country can be quite sad especially if you’ve established friendships and connections for the past 83 years of your life. Realizing that you left everything behind, you start to miss the people, the views especially the food. So when my grandmother’s longtime friend came here for a short visit, we immediately took her out for lunch. Our choice was LIDO Cocina Tsina by Panciteria LIDO.