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Quick Review: Noodle King Pares & Mami House, La Loma

It was a very busy Sunday for me. I had an event in the morning, met with friends after and then hung out with the family. Since traffic in the metro is really bad, I decided to take my family to lunch near my friend’s house and that’s in La Loma. Since it was a Sunday, the restaurants in that area were packed. Parking was also a problem but good thing there was one vacant slot left in this place called Noodle King Pares & Mami House.

Want Hopia? Go Visit Polland… at La Loma, Quezon City

For those who are familiar, I’m pretty sure you didn’t question the extra letter. But if you did question it well, I’m happy to inform you that I did not misspell Polland – unless I’m referring to the country which I am not. Polland or Polland Hopia is a hopia factory. They have been making delicious AND authentic mung bean cakes (Hopia) since in 1966. Why Polland? The reason behind this is simple – it was founded by Mrs. Po. With her recipes which withstood the test of time, Polland Hopia is still the choice of many may it be for a snack or a pasalubong.