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Oreo Overload: Cheesecake and Ice Cream Special

When someone gives you Oreo cookies, you eat them right away. But if you forgot about those delicious chocolate cookies and you bought another pack, that won’t be a problem at all. You can eat them anytime or treat yourself and indulge in something sweet. How does Oreo Cheesecake and Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream sound?


Cool Ways to Enjoy the Summer Heat

It was freezing cold one morning then suddenly I was saying a line from Nelly’s hit single in 2002, “Hot in Herre”. Yes, summer is here. While some are excited planning summer getaways in a quaint beach resort, there are those who scream and are filled with dread. Summer isn’t that bad because it brings a number of benefits. Though the heat can sometimes be unbearable which causes havoc on your power bill, there are various ways to keep it cool and enjoy the summer heat.

My First Iscreamist Experience

I’ve heard of the word Iscreamist a few times. I assumed it was a simple place to eat ice cream. But I was wrong. The Iscreamist is not your ordinary ice cream shop. Why? Well, it’s because they serve their dessert along with liquid nitrogen. Judging from the outside, the neon blue and laboratory-inspired shop clearly states that you will be in for a big surprise. My friend brought me there on a Saturday. Since Iscreamist is located at Magiting Street in Teacher’s Village, parking can sometimes be difficult. You just can’t park anywhere blocking driveways. Good thing, we found a safe spot.

Sweet Temptations: Ice Cream, Crepe and Cupcake

Craving for sweets? Let’s be honest, no one can escape that feeling. According to Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, dietitian and spokeswoman of American Dietetic Association, sweet is the first taste humans prefer from birth. In addition, Susan Moores, MS, RD, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in St. Paul, Minn said that the taste of sugar also releases endorphin that calm and relax us, and offer a natural “high.” Clearly, we can’t avoid sweets like ice cream, crepe and cupcakes even if we know these have high fat content. But with limitations it won’t be a problem. During my two-week Christmas vacation, I had an extreme craving for sweets. Since we did not prepare anything sweet for our Noche Buena and Media Noche, I was able to discover the following sweets.