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What to Watch Before the World Turns Upside Down

Have you seen Stranger Things season 1? Well, the world turns Upside Down for the second time on October 27. Upon learning the release date of my favorite Netflix series, I had the sudden urge to constantly watch movies or series that are weird or horror related. Though “It” is still in cinemas, I already watched it last month. Don’t get me wrong. It is a great film adaptation and I can’t wait for the second chapter but I can’t watch it again on the big screen.  Advertisements

Films to Watch this Halloween

Are you a Halloween fanatic or a horror buff? Whichever you are, you must love October the month oozing with fun and exciting Halloween activities as well as spine-chilling and scary entertainment. But if you’re still busy with work or if you’ve just taken your break from school and are looking for something to do then continue reading this post. Here you will find a list of fun, exciting and terrifying films to watch this Halloween season.