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Homemade Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

Even though it means long vacation for most people, summer and I have a love-hate relationship. Sleepless nights, sluggish mornings and lazy afternoons become a routine especially when working at home. I love staying at home though but it can sometimes be unbearable due to heat. On the bright side, summer brings many cold and sweet surprises like ice cream and other frozen desserts.


Cool Ways to Enjoy the Summer Heat

It was freezing cold one morning then suddenly I was saying a line from Nelly’s hit single in 2002, “Hot in Herre”. Yes, summer is here. While some are excited planning summer getaways in a quaint beach resort, there are those who scream and are filled with dread. Summer isn’t that bad because it brings a number of benefits. Though the heat can sometimes be unbearable which causes havoc on your power bill, there are various ways to keep it cool and enjoy the summer heat.