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Food Lover’s Guide to Iron Cabana Food Park + Giveaway

The Food Lover’s Guide to Iron Cabana Food Park comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed the series especially the photos. If you haven’t read it though, here is the complete guide. As mentioned in my previous post, Iron Cabana Food Park is for people who want a detour from the norm. Besides great food, this hidden culinary playground also offers a great ambiance, privacy and entertainment during weekends and on special occasions. Advertisements

Clari Says Turns Two + Giveaway Times Two

Hey reader! TODAY is a very special day because – November 19th is my birthday, my blog’s 2nd anniversary, and I am presenting you my first-ever giveaway! Yes, I am finally giving away something besides your dose of blog. To celebrate these two occasions and to say thank you, is going to spread some inspiration through these products. I chose these two simply because I believe in their worth. The first one is from the country’s favorite gift shop – Papemelroti! We are all familiar with their artistic and paradise-like shops at different malls. Once you enter, you’ll see various carefully designed products that uplift your spirits and inspire your heart. And just like Papemelroti, the second one also gave me inspiration to live life to the fullest. Belle de Jour is more than a planner. It’s a community where they empower, encourage, and inspire their Bellas! For my birthday and my blog’s anniversary, I am giving away a Shell Woodcut Set from Papemelroti and 2 Belle de Jour Power Planners. One person will …