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Short Animated Film Review: Les lèvres gercées (2018)

In my previous film review, I mentioned that I’m currently on a Netflix break. So upon checking the films on my other go-to (legit) sites, I stumbled on another French film. But this time it’s an animation and drama. I did a little research but since it’s a French film, I really couldn’t understand all that I read. But I did find out the short animation film was part of the Merlinka Festival. Also known as the International Queer Film Festival Merlinka, this is an annual LGBT-themed film festival which is annually organized in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Podgorica. The Belgrade edition is organized in the Belgrade Youth Center during the second week of December, and it lasts for five days. 

Film Review: Copie Conforme (1947)

I love Netflix because they can showcase and sometimes save great movies and series. But there are times they show not so great ones (or, maybe just in my region). Whenever that happens, I simply take a break from Netflix. While waiting for new releases, I check my other go-to sites, legal of course. Most of these feature independent films which I like. But I also enjoy old classic films, even black-and-white ones but they are just too difficult to find.