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Must-Try: White Rabbit Milk Tea by Miss Congenialitea

Miss Congenialitea is a home-based milk tea shop in Parañaque City. They offer refreshing and, at the same time, affordable milk teas divided into four categories. They have milk tea, fruit tea, cheesecake series and the rock salt & cheesecake series. Under each is a delicious selection. Let’s start with milk tea. They have their Signature MCT Milk Tea, Dark Chocolate, Java Chips, Green Tea Matcha, Salted Caramel, Thai Tea, Tiger Brown Sugar and many more. It is also worth mentioning that they have one more flavour added into the lineup. It is called White Rabbit Milk Tea.

Buffalo Wild Wings Launches “Football Field Pizza” For The Family To Enjoy

Looking to feast on something comforting for the family to share? Chances are you’d be thinking of pizza, one of the world’s ultimate make-me-feel-good food. Crust, cheese, sauce and toppings in one dish oozing with umami flavour- that’s what a great pizza is all about. All these in 18” pies with four different flavours are now available at Buffalo Wild Wings. They’re called the “Football Field Pizza” to go with the restaurant’s sports theme and well, yes, because they are big and can be shared by 5 to 6 persons. They’re available every day for dine-in, take-out and delivery.

Italianni’s on a Silver Platter: Eats a Celebration! 50% Off on All Pizzas on Feb 23!

Do you remember the first time you stepped into an Italianni’s restaurant? Perhaps you were with the family, your colleagues, or a special someone and you were all greeted at the door by a cheerful “Buon Giorno”! Partaking of their complimentary Foccacia and Tuscan bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you browsed the hearty Italian-American menu. After a sterling dining experience (which concluded with a jovial “Grazie”), you realized why you chose Italianni’s, the same reasons why you keep coming back all these years- good food, conviviality, and service.

Recipe: Veega Meat-Free Balls with Sōmen Noodles

I discovered something new and great! It’s called VEEGA, San Miguel’s meat-free, vegetarian line. VEEGA’s product line is made from plant-based protein ingredients which contain egg whites and are locally produced. Are you interested? VEEGA meat-free line ranges from Balls, Burger Patty, Giniling, Nuggets and Sausage. Would you like a closer look? I made an unboxing video as well as a cooking video over at my YouTube channel. I choose the Veega Meat-Free Balls. Since the weather is still cold, a warm bowl of noodles is perfect!

Support Filipino Coffee Farmers, Patronise 1740 Coffee Genesis

Are you looking for home-grown handcrafted coffee? 1740 Coffee Genesis is the right place. Brewed with passion and love in 2018, the coffee brand takes pride in serving some of the best Philippine Coffee variants that are ethically sourced directly from farmers. So what does it mean by “Ethically Sourced”? The advocacy of 1740 Coffee Genesis is to source coffee from their partner farmers at fair prices, rewarding them for their hard work encouraging them to produce quality coffee. Now you might be wondering why 1740 Coffee Genesis. One might think, that is the year of their foundation. That’s understandable; however, the year 1740 marks the beginning or introduction of coffee in the Philippines. In short, 1740 is the coffee, Genesis.