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Goryo’s Coffee Ala Eh! Suman sa Lihiya, Kapeng Barako and more

Located in Mandaluyong City, Goryo’s Coffee ALA EH offers homemade Tamales or Suman sa Lihiya as they call it in Batangas and Quezon. Their choices of toppings include santan (Minatamis na bao), latik and budbod (toasted coconut) or fresh niyog with budbod and sugar with sesame seeds. I prefer the santan, latik and budbod. Here’s a closer look.

Lourdes Special Assorted: Bibingka, Sapin Sapin, Kutsinta & Ube Galapong in One!

Are you looking for delicious kakanin? Lourdes Special Bibingka, the Pride of Cainta, is the home of quality kakanin. All their offerings are made-fresh daily; not to mention, their wide selection of kakanin. They have bibingka, bibingka galapong, bibingka pinipig, biko, cassava, kutsinta, black kutsinta, Leche flan, Maja, pitchi-pitchi, puto cheese, putong pulo, sapin-sapin and suman pinipig. Can’t choose? How about trying the Lourdes Special Assorted: Bibingka, Sapin Sapin, Kutsinta & Ube Galapong in one!

Icy Madness: Avocado Crumble Monster Ice Cream Pie

A few days ago, we were searching for a dessert to enjoy on my birthday slash my blog’s 7th anniversary. I love cake, ice cream, pie or anything sweet. Then we stumbled upon Icy Madness! No, not an icy madness or the unfriendly kind but the sweet kind which you will love. Icy Madness is a shop that offers Monster Milkshake Premium Ice Cream Pies. Yes, ICE CREAM PIES which comes in five flavours: Avocado Crumble Coffee Almond Crunch Crazy Smores Oreo Choco Overload Ultimate Ube Cheese I chose the first one. The Avocado Crumble consists of delicious layers – a cookie Graham crust, Avocado ice cream topped with white chocolate disc and cashew.

#SupportYourLokal | Christmas Gift Ideas Part 1

Let’s get to the point! With our current state, it’s best to support our lokal. It means promoting and buying local brands, especially from small businesses. If you take a look around you or your social media feed, you will find a friend who has a small business, OR just started one during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). You can help them promote their products by sharing their posts or by word-of-mouth (Please practice social distancing!). And if you like what they are selling, why not buy from them! Better yet buy it not only for yourself but also as a gift for your family and friends this Christmas!

Clari says, “Happy 7 Years of Blogging!”

Today is my birthday, but most importantly, my blog is also celebrating its 7th anniversary! Instead of the typical posts I make, I decided to share seven random things. I started posting on my Instagram (ClariSays) account on November 16. If you haven’t followed me, please do. I share numerous food and film-related posts there. In this post, I will share everything. I hope you find my stories amusing and funny. Honestly, I have forgotten all these. But because of my “Seven Random Things: A Birthday/Anniversary post” idea, I had to look back. I was worried at first. But the moment I remembered these stories, I became happy.