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Experience the New Brewing Point Café & Bakery

In my old blog, I have a special project called Dine Out where I list cafes and restaurants I have tried. My first Dine Out entry was Brewing Point. I have been there on certain occasions. One day, I found out that the café restaurant underwent a renovation. Finally, we were able to visit it early this year and experienced a bigger and better Brewing Point Café. Café & Bakery After the renovation, Brewing Point Café and Bakery has more space for their regular customers and is now able to accommodate more customers and events. Despite the changes, the café restaurant is still the same soul soothing café with remarkable ambience. Not to mention, great food, the friendly waiters and good service they give their customers. Advertisements

Dining at Crab n’ Crew Restobar

Do you live near Congressional Avenue and Visayas Avenue in Quezon City or pass by it? If yes, I’m sure you have noticed an increase in the number of café and restaurants. If no, well allow me share with you one of my favorite restaurants which is Crab n’ Crew Restobar. On my other blog (It’s Watchamacallit), I listed down various restaurants under my Dine Out project. However, I failed to blog about my first visit there. But this time, I won’t! First Visit It was a hot June afternoon. My grandmother, uncle and I did a little shopping that day. It was already close to dinner time when we passed by Visayas Avenue and we were hungry. So we decided to eat an early dinner at Crab n’ Crew Restobar. The place has this positive vibes because of the colors and minimalist design. I like a restaurant that gives you enough space to move around. It helps me enjoy my food and company. The food, well they have various choices ranging from pasta to …