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Tastea&Co., Visayas Avenue’s New Milk Tea Hub

With the current state, I only leave the house for basic needs. Sometimes I don’t even go out as more and more things can be completed online.  Now, this got me thinking. What about the businesses that started their operations in late 2019 and early 2020? I noticed that the cafes and restaurants I frequent in our area are slowly showing up on food delivery apps. So whenever we are too lazy to cook (plus LPG is not cheap), craving or have the budget, we would order via foodpanda or search the app and drop by the shop if we are not sure what to get.

Little Tokyo Milk Tea: A Taste of Tokyo in a Cup

It’s not that I’m avoiding or averting my gaze whenever I see a milk tea post on social media. It is just that I suddenly was not interested in this beverage anymore. Or, it might have something to do with social distancing. Once upon a time, people pass by their favourite coffee and milk tea shop to purchase their favourite beverage. With the new normal, this was no longer an option for most. The best way is to brew your own at home or have it delivered. I brew my coffee and sometimes stick to those 3-in-1 sachets. For milk tea, I would also do the same. But when cooking tapioca pearls became tedious, I gave up on milk teas for months.

Try Flame On – by The Farm’s Meat Market

Flame On! No, we are not talking about Johnny Storm a.k.a Human Torch member of the superhero quartet, Fantastic Four. Flame On – by The Farm’s Meat Market is an online shop that sells ready to cook meals. They offer the following: Barbeque (5pcs) – Php120 *UP Beach House recipe Longganisa Burger (480g) – Php140 *Best seller Longganisa Hamonado Original (8pcs) – Php150 *Best seller Pork Tapa (450g) – Php160 Pork Tocino (500g) – Php150 Pork Sisig (500g) – Php180 Please take note that I purchased the products I am featuring. I discovered their store during the quarantine, which is a great help. Our village instilled a curfew; not to mention, most shops were closed.

Let’s Go and Start Anew This 2021

Dear Reader, You know, it is not always a good idea to forget the past. The past helped us become who we are today. While it is true that 2020 was not a good year for everyone, let us convert the emotions we harboured into a force that will lead us. Remember, life has always been challenging. There will always be obstacles regardless of the day, the month, the year even our luck. Do not let it pull you down, okay? Let us keep reminding ourselves of these good points. Take note that this is not an order but an invitation. I have been doing this for the past months and would like to continue so. I’m not good at it; however, it would be nice to be surrounded by like-minded people. Are you up for it?

What Happened in 2020, a Food Blogger & Film Buff Roundup

In my blog I have a category I call Blog Roundup. This section focuses on previous blog posts and events. It also contains announcements of new projects and so on. But since the start of the pandemic and the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) early this year, I have not added a single entry. You see, that section should be updated monthly.