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Ciano Restaurant Feels like Home

“Celebrating 80 Years of Simple Life” is a post about my grandmother’s 80th birthday. There I wrote that we brought her to Barrio Fiesta, a restaurant that delivers authentic Filipino cuisine where we had a great lunch. Indeed, nothing beats Filipino food. That is why for my grandmother’s 81st birthday, I decided to take her to a restaurant that serves provincial favorites making you reminisce the flavors of home and all those good old days of food, fun and family.


Mangan Restaurant: Let’s Eat!

Indeed, it’s traditional meets contemporary at Cabalen’s other brand called Mangan. The restaurant’s name which is the Pampango word for eat entices its guests with their unique and mouthwatering Kapampangan cuisine. If you want to experience Kapampangan flavors at its finest, Mangan is the perfect place. With its modern ambience and traditionally cooked meals, what more can you ask for?

Lola Idang’s Original Pancit Malabon atbp

People love to eat at new restaurants and try different cuisine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes you have to acknowledge the need to come home and taste that distinctive Filipino dish. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to prepare that marvelous home cooked meal. But there is a place that serves delicious Filipino food – Lola Idang’s Original Pancit Malabon atbp. Lola Idang’s Pancit Malabon offers various pancit dishes and old time favorites such as kare-kare, binagoongang baboy, pakbet, chop suey, lumpia, goto and dinuguan. Other Pinoy favorites such as tapsilog, tocilog, longsilog and daingsilog are also present in the menu. Priniritos or fried dishes such as lumpia shanghai, daing na bangus, lechon kawali, chicken and crispy pata. All these are available at an affordable price.