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Recipe: Chop Suey with Chorizo Macao

When was the last time you had a proper home-cooked meal? There’s nothing wrong with dining out. It’s just that home-cooked meals are way better and heartwarming especially when you share it with your family. Last weekend, my family and I had a simple Sunday lunch at home. Since it wasn’t busy, I decided to cook lunch with the help of my abuelita (lola/ grandmother). Take note, my abuelita relies on her senses when cooking. She doesn’t like measuring or reading recipes. In short, she makes her own. Advertisements

It’s Changing, Always Changing at BOA Kitchen + Socials, Scout Rallos

It’s always fun to dine out and catch up with friends. But sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect spot. Besides the food and location (always consider Metro Manila traffic), the restaurant should have the right atmosphere and concept to carry on a conversation. You know, a place where you can eat and talk without others giving you the death stare. Let’s admit it! We’ve experienced that even been in those shoes. But you know how work can take so much of your time. So if you don’t see your friends often, there’s so much to talk about. Since I am the foodie in our group, I am in charge of searching and booking a table whenever we meet up. Good thing there’s a place like BOA Kitchen + Socials! Did I lose you there? Don’t worry! There is no actual snake but there is definitely a plus sign and the word “socials” in it. Let me explain. Their concept is divided into two: BOA Kitchen and BOA Socials. When they open at 9AM, you …

You Can Enjoy Your Tea Under the Cherry Blossoms at Sakura Hanami

I’ve never been to Japan but I would love to. Seeing Japan’s beauty and culture through the anime series I watched such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Inuyasha, and xxxHolic, makes me want to experience all those. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to. But for now, I’ll settle drinking tea with edible flowers (yes, you read that right!) or Lava Pearl Latte under the cherry blossoms in this one of a kind tea shop in Maginhawa. This beautiful place is called Sakura Hanami. The tea shop had their grand opening on June 28 and I was there with my fellow foodie and blogger friends.

Welcome to Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar, an Escolta-Inspired Restaurant Tailored to Good Taste

“We need to patronize our own. So ang food natin, ang ingredients natin at kung ano yung mga sikat na ingredients sa different regions iyon ang matitikman niyo sa Tiyo’s,” Ed Salvador, co-owner of Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar. True to his word, Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar serves regionally sourced and carefully curated menu adding their own modern twist. Some interesting dishes the modern Filipino gastropub offers are Inihaw na Liempo Sinigang, Corned Beef Kalderata and many more!

Mad Cafe Offers a Quirky, Whimsical, and Interactive Space

“You’re entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, All the best people are.” ― Alice in Wonderland When I opened their bright yellow door (or vibrant golden door), I scanned their place from left to right and that’s where I saw the quote above! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite fantasy tales. In fact, on my seventh birthday, my grandparents chose an “Alice in Wonderland” cake from Goldilocks Bakeshop. So when I heard that this cafe with The Mad Hatter’s hat as logo was already opened, I didn’t hesitate to drop by. The only problem was the parking. They do have plenty of space and a guard to guide you but they’re always full. One Sunday morning after attending an early mass, we were lucky enough to find a spot.

SBS Inkigayo Sandwich is Finally in the Philippines

Do you love K-pop? If yes, then you’ve probably heard about Korea’s favourite idol sandwich. If not, then I’m very happy to share with you all about the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich. SBS stands for Seoul Broadcasting System, a national South Korean television and radio network company while Inkigayo is the network’s music program. Since the sandwich is exclusively available inside the SBS Inkigayo’s Studio, it was known as the Inkigayo Sandwich.

I Found My Grandfather’s Vintage Cameras

It was Father’s Day last Sunday. After visiting my abuelito at the memorial park, I suddenly had the desire to look at our photo albums. So I did and realised that no matter how many years have passed, the photos he took still lives. According to the date indicated in the album I picked, those photos were taken in the ‘80s. To be honest, everything looks beautiful and real. I’m glad my abuelita was very keen on keeping and arranging the photos.

Cinemalaya Receives Nikkei Asia Prize

CINEMALAYA Foundation Inc. received the prestigious Nikkei Asia Prize for Culture and Community for its valuable efforts “to shed a new light on the country’s film industry, which had been viewed as dead following a huge decline in production.” Based on the Nikkei citation, “the name Cinemalaya is a portmanteau of Filipino words reflecting the founders’ belief that cinema, ‘cine,’ could enliven consciousness, ‘malay,’ by telling stories in a free and independent manner, ‘malaya.’”