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Catch Your Favourite DC Heroes at the Hall of Justice in SM North EDSA

Two weeks before the battle, SM North EDSA launched their own Hall of Justice at The Block. Fans can see several displays from life-size ones to little ones. If you have kids, they will definitely have heaps of fun. There are toys, clothes; not to mention, a Lego station where they can unleash their creativity! If you’ve seen the movie and love Batman’s latest vehicle, you can see in up close. Right in the centre of the Hall of Justice, you can marvel at the latest Batmobile from the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Thoughts on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Zack Snyder directed the 2013 film Man of Steel which introduced Henry Cavill as Superman/ Clark Kent and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. The film is a box office hit but received quite a review. I, too, have my fair share of comments but I have to admit I did enjoy the film. Cavill is indeed Superman and Adams is indeed Lois Lane. The action scenes and explosions were great. But the characters don’t talk too much. Though it’s a hero movie which of course, needs to have several fight scenes, it would be nice to know them more and understand them. Not to mention, there were times I got confused and asked myself “what’s going?” Did I fall asleep somewhere in between? But those were just minor details and if you put those aside, I can still say that Man of Steel is good. The less talk, more action somehow worked in the end. Now, fast forward to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.