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Ciano Restaurant Feels like Home

“Celebrating 80 Years of Simple Life” is a post about my grandmother’s 80th birthday. There I wrote that we brought her to Barrio Fiesta, a restaurant that delivers authentic Filipino cuisine where we had a great lunch. Indeed, nothing beats Filipino food. That is why for my grandmother’s 81st birthday, I decided to take her to a restaurant that serves provincial favorites making you reminisce the flavors of home and all those good old days of food, fun and family.


Gudo: Pizza, Pasta, Steak & Peri Peri

Looking for a new place to dine? Then keep your eyes peeled for a sign that says Gudo along Congressional Avenue Extension. Gudo is a little restaurant that offers delicious pizza, pasta, stake, and peri peri at affordable prices.

Inspired Eating at Tao Yuan by New Peach Blossoms Restaurant

Dining at Tao Yuan involves eating delicious food in a pleasant and inspiring setting. The name Tao Yuan which means peach garden suggests beauty and colors. Located at Chimes Square in Congressional Avenue Extension, my lola and I decided to have a belated birthday dinner for my ninong at Tao Yuan. The restaurant wasn’t that big and the tables on the first floor were easily filled. But the courteous staff informed us that there are more tables on the second floor. With their assistance, it was easier for my grandmother to take the stairs.

Experience the New Brewing Point Café & Bakery

In my old blog, I have a special project called Dine Out where I list cafes and restaurants I have tried. My first Dine Out entry was Brewing Point. I have been there on certain occasions. One day, I found out that the café restaurant underwent a renovation. Finally, we were able to visit it early this year and experienced a bigger and better Brewing Point Café. Café & Bakery After the renovation, Brewing Point Café and Bakery has more space for their regular customers and is now able to accommodate more customers and events. Despite the changes, the café restaurant is still the same soul soothing café with remarkable ambience. Not to mention, great food, the friendly waiters and good service they give their customers.

Sweet Temptations: Ice Cream, Crepe and Cupcake

Craving for sweets? Let’s be honest, no one can escape that feeling. According to Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, dietitian and spokeswoman of American Dietetic Association, sweet is the first taste humans prefer from birth. In addition, Susan Moores, MS, RD, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in St. Paul, Minn said that the taste of sugar also releases endorphin that calm and relax us, and offer a natural “high.” Clearly, we can’t avoid sweets like ice cream, crepe and cupcakes even if we know these have high fat content. But with limitations it won’t be a problem. During my two-week Christmas vacation, I had an extreme craving for sweets. Since we did not prepare anything sweet for our Noche Buena and Media Noche, I was able to discover the following sweets.