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Goryo’s Coffee Ala Eh! Suman sa Lihiya, Kapeng Barako and more

Located in Mandaluyong City, Goryo’s Coffee ALA EH offers homemade Tamales or Suman sa Lihiya as they call it in Batangas and Quezon. Their choices of toppings include santan (Minatamis na bao), latik and budbod (toasted coconut) or fresh niyog with budbod and sugar with sesame seeds. I prefer the santan, latik and budbod. Here’s a closer look.

Gon, The Little Fox | JFF Plus: Online Festival 2020 Review

Like the films in the Cinemalaya 2020, the JFF Plus: Online Festival film selections also captured my heart. But there is one film from the latter that pierced it. After watching it, I kept questioning myself why I choose to click that one first from all the films available that day. That entry is called Gon, The Little Fox, a stop motion animation by Takeshi Yashiro.

Lourdes Special Assorted: Bibingka, Sapin Sapin, Kutsinta & Ube Galapong in One!

Are you looking for delicious kakanin? Lourdes Special Bibingka, the Pride of Cainta, is the home of quality kakanin. All their offerings are made-fresh daily; not to mention, their wide selection of kakanin. They have bibingka, bibingka galapong, bibingka pinipig, biko, cassava, kutsinta, black kutsinta, Leche flan, Maja, pitchi-pitchi, puto cheese, putong pulo, sapin-sapin and suman pinipig. Can’t choose? How about trying the Lourdes Special Assorted: Bibingka, Sapin Sapin, Kutsinta & Ube Galapong in one!

JFF Plus: Online Festival 2020

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen my stories about a Japanese film festival press briefing. I was talking about JFF Plus: Online Festival. Are you familiar with EIGASAI? In my old blog, I would always mention the Japanese film festival. I remember lining up at Shangri-La Plaza almost every year (I could not attend all the time because of my work hours). But last year the said festival has already bid farewell, or rather sayonara. And this year, the Japan Foundation Manila (JFM) has decided to go online. With the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming a selection of films than screening in movie theatres is the best move.