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Revisiting Our Favorites and Trying Out BonChon’s Classic Ko-dogs

Do you remember the year BonChon arrived in the Philippines? BonChon Global arrived in SouthEast Asia in 2010 where they opened the first store in Thailand then in the Philippines. After the news and reviews broke, everyone was so excited to experience their Korean-style fried chicken. BonChon was an instant hit and gained a cult following. Who wouldn’t love their chicken? It’s tender, juicy, and flavorful. Professional chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain agrees, too! Another point that made BonChon even more popular is their family-friendly approach. Scott Tan, Managing Director of BonChon Philippines envisioned a quick-service restaurant that serves quality food at affordable prices perfect for families and office workers. It’s a very good approach because people still love BonChon. Advertisements