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Ciano Restaurant Feels like Home

“Celebrating 80 Years of Simple Life” is a post about my grandmother’s 80th birthday. There I wrote that we brought her to Barrio Fiesta, a restaurant that delivers authentic Filipino cuisine where we had a great lunch. Indeed, nothing beats Filipino food. That is why for my grandmother’s 81st birthday, I decided to take her to a restaurant that serves provincial favorites making you reminisce the flavors of home and all those good old days of food, fun and family.


Celebrating 80 Years of Simple Life

George Burns said, “By the time you’re eighty years old you’ve learned everything. You only have to remember it.” From my grandmother’s funny life stories and time-tested advice, I’m 100% sure she has learned everything in life. She does not only remember those life lessons but share her experiences with others as well. Her tender loving care and dual role as my grandmother and mother is a proof she did well. My wish for her is good health and a happy heart! It’s not the big things but the little things that can mean enough