Meet The Blogger

Hola! Kumusta?

My name is Clari. First things first. Welcome to my blog. How are you today? May I borrow a few minutes? Great! I just want to share with you my story. was launched on November 19, 2013. I’ve been blogging prior to this. I was writing under the username watchamacallit-claa. Too long, right? That time I blogged about every topic, some of which I didn’t care about. Instead of feeling fulfilled, I was often confused and stressed. So, I took a break and questioned my intentions for creating a blog.

I created a blog not to just share my views but to also learn more and push my introvert self (once in a while). Ever since I made an intense career change, I became more introverted than usual. Now don’t get me wrong! I 100% embrace my introversion (and my job) but I also have to meet other people and well, see the world.

Fresh Start

When I finally decided on a fresh start, it took me a few months to fix everything. Since it was nearing November, I decided to launch it on my birthday. From a massive list of topics, I was down to writing food reviews, film reviews and product reviews (both food and non-food items). The latter is the “ect.” part in my tagline. 🙂

After years of blogging, I finally received invitations to events and foodie meet-ups. 🙂 I’m very happy and thankful to all the wonderful foodies/ bloggers I met. Since we’re here on this topic, I would like to take this chance to inform you that not all posts are sponsored. 🙂 I always add somewhere in the blog post if I was invited to an event or a product was sent to me. Lastly, I only share my personal experiences and views.

Fast forward to 2017

I made some small changes by adding a group effort called FoodieViewsPH where you’ll see food and travel-related stories. You can find my friends and I on Instagram. 

Besides this, I also rebranded an account. If you like photograhpy, let’s talk over at ClariCaptures.

Lastly, I hope you follow my blog and all our social media accounts. Or, you can just pick which one you would like to follow. No problem with me 🙂 but please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Besides writing and taking pictures, I also love making videos.