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Here are the cafes and restaurants located in Teachers Village, Quezon City. *Take note, some restaurants might have closed down by the time you read them OR, have been re-located. If you see one, you can send me a message and I’ll update it right away. Gracias!

A New Kind of Magic at the Rainbow Dreams Cafe

Sugar, spice and everything nice. Those were the words that came to mind when I passed by a unicorn cafe in Maginhawa St., Teachers Village East. Last Friday night, Clari (the main blogger and also my niece), Chloe (my daughter) and I went on a random food trip. But before that we first visited The Wander Space to purchase some items. If you’re curious what that place is, Clari has written a review and I soon will.

Feel Free to Wander at The Wander Space

At 80 Maginhawa Street you will find a place that will give you a unique shopping and dining experience. Yes, you read that right! The place is called The Wander Space but if you love to travel or appreciate art, you will call it your haven. The Wander Space is a concept store slash cafe. They support and feature various products created by local artists and craft makers. Upon entering you’ll be greeted by a wonderful setting that will surely inspire you. There are dream catchers on the left as well as t-shirts and swimsuits. On the right, you will find some plants, journals and bags. At the center are more cool items and trinkets. After checking their fabulous locally made products, make sure to stop, look up and appreciate the beautiful lights and paper planes. Once you are ready to chill, head on back for some lovely drink and dessert. Mmmm & Aahhh Unlike usual cafes, The Wander Space offers a simpler and comfier ambiance. I brought my laptop during my visit. Since I …

My First Iscreamist Experience

I’ve heard of the word Iscreamist a few times. I assumed it was a simple place to eat ice cream. But I was wrong. The Iscreamist is not your ordinary ice cream shop. Why? Well, it’s because they serve their dessert along with liquid nitrogen. Judging from the outside, the neon blue and laboratory-inspired shop clearly states that you will be in for a big surprise. My friend brought me there on a Saturday. Since Iscreamist is located at Magiting Street in Teacher’s Village, parking can sometimes be difficult. You just can’t park anywhere blocking driveways. Good thing, we found a safe spot.

π Breakfast & Pies: All Day, Everyday

Teacher’s Village is one of my favorite places in Quezon City. It practically has everything you need such as a place to eat, to hang out with friends or to do your school work. After college; however, I rarely find myself walking the various “Ma” streets of Teacher’s Village. Fortunately, my friend and high school batchmate invited me to go on a food adventure. And that’s where I learned about Π Breakfast & Pies.