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Here are the cafes and restaurants located in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. *Take note, some restaurants might have closed down by the time you read them OR, have been re-located. If you see one, you can send me a message and I’ll update it right away. Gracias!

Delicious Filipino Meals at Nana Yang’s Homemade Cuisine – Katipunan, QC

Katipunan Avenue is a special place for students, groups of friends and families; not to mention, a bustling beehive. When I was in college, I always felt that “Katips” has everything I need. School supplies? No worries! The National Book Store is always there. Hungry? That’s easy as there are several fast-food chains open. Don’t like fast food? Well, the whole stretch of Katipunan Avenue features several coffee shops and restaurants. But if you want something close to home there is a new food kiosk in the area called Nana Yang’s Homemade Cuisine.