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Here are the cafes and restaurants located in Project 8, Quezon City. *Take note, some restaurants might have closed down by the time you read them OR, have been re-located. If you see one, you can send me a message and I’ll update it right away. Gracias!

Annyeong Noona Korean Food Mart – Congressional Avenue Now Open!

I previously shared two posts/ YouTube videos featuring new establishments in Visayas Avenue Quezon City like Jollibee and WalterMart’s new branch, both located in Wilcon City Center. There is also this new milk tea hub called Tastea&Co. and of course, Dunkin’ Philippines first drive-thru. In this post, let’s move to Congressional Avenue area where a new Korean mart just opened. The place is called Annyeong Noona Korean Mart. From what I learned from watching Running Man, Annyeong is a casual and informal way of saying “Hello” while Noona means older sister used by males.

Finally Tried Black Scoop Café

As long as there are shops offering unique and delicious milk tea concoctions, everyone’s (well, almost) favourite beverage will be around for a very long time. Take Black Scoop Café for example. With their name and logo, you’d think they only offer ice cream. But no! Black Scoop Café made waves and continues to do so because they offer a genius creation called milk-tea soft-serve! The Café Black Scoop Café opened its doors in Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City in July 2018. The person behind this cafe is the same one that introduced Infinitea Milktea, Louie Cheng Sy.

Mad Cafe Offers a Quirky, Whimsical, and Interactive Space

“You’re entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, All the best people are.” ― Alice in Wonderland When I opened their bright yellow door (or vibrant golden door), I scanned their place from left to right and that’s where I saw the quote above! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite fantasy tales. In fact, on my seventh birthday, my grandparents chose an “Alice in Wonderland” cake from Goldilocks Bakeshop. So when I heard that this cafe with The Mad Hatter’s hat as logo was already opened, I didn’t hesitate to drop by. The only problem was the parking. They do have plenty of space and a guard to guide you but they’re always full. One Sunday morning after attending an early mass, we were lucky enough to find a spot.

Love Milk Tea? Visit Malik’s Cafe – Congressional Tower Center

I was exploring Congressional Tower Center one morning when I heard kids laughing and the sound of water splashing which came from the far end of the building. (This is not a horror story, promise!) As I walked towards it, I saw a better view of the blue sky, a small view of the pool and a little space called Malik’s Cafe. Named after one of the owners, Malik’s Cafe opened its first branch in 2017 at Banlat Road, Tandang Sora near St. Anthony Academy. In February of this year, they opened their second branch at a food park in Kalayaan Avenue. This branch which is located at the second floor of Congressional Tower Center is their third. Take note that the building is new and there are still a lot of vacant spaces as well as developments. Despite those, Malik’s Cafe does offer serenity and a great view of the sky. They also have an adequate space for customers such as an indoor area which is air-conditioned and clean as well as an outdoor …