Let’s Eat at Teriyaki Boy

George Bernard Shaw said that, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” That is why I try to eat at different restaurants and try different dishes. Now, you might be familiar and may have eaten at Teriyaki Boy. I haven’t tried eating at Teriyaki Boy until my good friend (and co-blogger) brought me there. Teriyaki Boy offers Japanese food with a unique local twist. They offer the best Chicken Teriyaki (Php 214.00). In fact, it’s one of their best sellers along with their Teriyaki Boy Bento (Php 325.00) is their best seller as well as specialty. Grilled boneless chicken marinated with our special teriyaki sauce, served with steamed Japanese rice, miso soup, kani salad, sesame moyashi, coffee jelly and your choice of iced tea or any Coca-Cola product.

A Taste of Chicken Deli

Have you tried eating at Chicken Deli? If you haven’t heard of it or haven’t tried eating there, here’s my chicken delicious experience. Chicken or the Egg Chicken Deli, short for Chicken Delicious started in 1983 in Bacolod City, the home of Inasal. Chicken Inasal or inasal na manok is actually flame grilled chicken andContinue reading “A Taste of Chicken Deli”