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Dunkin’ Philippines’ First Drive-Thru Now Open

Have you heard the news? A couple of days ago, our family friend dropped by and handed in a dozen doughnuts. He was driving through our area and saw something new. He tried it out, got excited and thus, had two boxes of doughnuts to spare. If you live in or near Visayas Avenue, it might not be new to you. But since the ECQ, I haven’t gone out that much. I had groceries delivered through our doorstep and only buy from the mobile palengke that passes by our village. In this blog post, let me share with you some Visayas Avenue discoveries!

Tastea&Co., Visayas Avenue’s New Milk Tea Hub

With the current state, I only leave the house for basic needs. Sometimes I don’t even go out as more and more things can be completed online.  Now, this got me thinking. What about the businesses that started their operations in late 2019 and early 2020? I noticed that the cafes and restaurants I frequent in our area are slowly showing up on food delivery apps. So whenever we are too lazy to cook (plus LPG is not cheap), craving or have the budget, we would order via foodpanda or search the app and drop by the shop if we are not sure what to get.

Little Tokyo Milk Tea: A Taste of Tokyo in a Cup

It’s not that I’m avoiding or averting my gaze whenever I see a milk tea post on social media. It is just that I suddenly was not interested in this beverage anymore. Or, it might have something to do with social distancing. Once upon a time, people pass by their favourite coffee and milk tea shop to purchase their favourite beverage. With the new normal, this was no longer an option for most. The best way is to brew your own at home or have it delivered. I brew my coffee and sometimes stick to those 3-in-1 sachets. For milk tea, I would also do the same. But when cooking tapioca pearls became tedious, I gave up on milk teas for months.

Need Bread? Order From Family Panaderia Co. Today!

I was randomly browsing the Foodpanda app on my smartphone a couple of days ago. The reason is I did not want to wait four more hours to buy a loaf of bread. You see, our village has a curfew since the start of ECQ. We decided not to remove it as part of the new normal. Thus, I decided to try if there is a shop that delivers in our area. While browsing, I stumbled upon a shop called Family Panaderia Co. It is a newly opened panaderia, or bakery in English, that offers homemade and fresh bread daily. I wasn’t familiar with them, which led me to do a little Googling and found their social media pages.

Shenn’s Pizza: Affordable Pizza For All!

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world. I think it’s because people love the combination of bread, cheese and tomato sauce which is the base of any pizza. With that, you can add in various ingredients that suit your palette. You can go all veggies, all meat or whatever you are craving! Another great thing about pizza is you can eat it whenever you want. Now it all goes down to where you should buy it and how much you are willing to spend. If you’re on a budget, I suggest getting yours from Shenn’s.