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Here are the cafes and restaurants located in Dela Paz, Pasig City. *Take note, some restaurants might have closed down by the time you read them OR, have been re-located. If you see one, you can send me a message and I’ll update it right away. Gracias!

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar, Ayala Malls Feliz

Peri Peri refers to African bird’s eye chilis which is a type of chili that originated from Africa. The restaurant uses this chili in their sauces. And since they are known for their Charcoal Chicken, Peri-Peri takes their preparation to a new level to ensure their diners enjoy the explosion of flavours.

Cafe Perene: Ayala Malls Feliz

Ayala Malls Feliz opened its doors on December last year. Since I don’t live in the area, I was not aware of its existence until I received an invitation from a friend. It was for a foodie meetup which was set in the afternoon. But since it was a Sunday, my family and I went to mass early and travelled to Ayala Malls Feliz, Pasig City for a little family bonding. We got there just in time for lunch. So the first thing we did was check the restaurants. The mall has various good choices but the one that caught our eye is Cafe Perene. Cafe Perene is the sister restaurant of Forget Me Not Cafe which is a homegrown restaurant and a pioneer of the Lilac Food Strip in Marikina. The latter is known for its delicious comfort food and homey experience. If you want to experience that as well as other local favorites and homemade cakes, Cafe Perene is the perfect place. Just look at the photos I took. Even if you’re outside, …