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Support Filipino Coffee Farmers, Patronise 1740 Coffee Genesis

Are you looking for home-grown handcrafted coffee? 1740 Coffee Genesis is the right place. Brewed with passion and love in 2018, the coffee brand takes pride in serving some of the best Philippine Coffee variants that are ethically sourced directly from farmers. So what does it mean by “Ethically Sourced”? The advocacy of 1740 Coffee Genesis is to source coffee from their partner farmers at fair prices, rewarding them for their hard work encouraging them to produce quality coffee. Now you might be wondering why 1740 Coffee Genesis. One might think, that is the year of their foundation. That’s understandable; however, the year 1740 marks the beginning or introduction of coffee in the Philippines. In short, 1740 is the coffee, Genesis.

HOSAKU: Yakiniku, Hotpot & International Buffet, SM North Towers is Finally Opening

In March 2020, FoodieViewsPH and I tried a restaurant called HOSAKU, Fredley Group of Companies new brand. Side note: Fredley Group of Companies other brands include Macao Imperial Tea, Mitasu Charcoal Yakiniku, Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hotpot, and Liáng Crispy Rolls. Moving on, HOSAKU offers a spacious and bright place perfect for everyone and all occasions. HOSAKU, a Japanese word which means bountiful harvest.

Break the Distance: Send Books & Cookies This Valentine’s Day

“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.” ― C.S. Lewis Flowers are beautiful and, they make people happy. I feel happiness, too; however, I could not take the sadness afterwards. Seeing the beautiful flower wilt makes me sad.  Please do not misunderstand. There is nothing wrong giving and receiving flowers. It is just a matter of preference. With that said, I love the smell of books and fresh-basked cookies, so receiving books and cookies is lovely. Also, I 100% enjoy reading while eating soft-baked cookies, especially when they are delicious.

Annyeong Noona Korean Food Mart – Congressional Avenue Now Open!

I previously shared two posts/ YouTube videos featuring new establishments in Visayas Avenue Quezon City like Jollibee and WalterMart’s new branch, both located in Wilcon City Center. There is also this new milk tea hub called Tastea&Co. and of course, Dunkin’ Philippines first drive-thru. In this post, let’s move to Congressional Avenue area where a new Korean mart just opened. The place is called Annyeong Noona Korean Mart. From what I learned from watching Running Man, Annyeong is a casual and informal way of saying “Hello” while Noona means older sister used by males.