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Recipe: Our Version of Semi-PINAKBET

It was a Saturday. Since my kids didn’t have school and my husband was at home, we decided to head out and visit my aunt and my niece – Clari, the main blogger. The original plan was to go to the park and eat out but Clari was busy editing our blogs and videos. SO, my aunt and I decided to cook instead.

3 Tasty Ways To Top Your Focaccia Bread

First off, I am not going to teach you how to bake a focaccia bread. Maybe in the future I might show you how. For now, let’s concentrate with the leftover focaccia bread sitting on top of our dining table. I honestly love bread – ciabatta, roti or just a simple toast. If I have to pick one, it would be focaccia bread. It’s a flat oven-baked Italian bread that is similar in style and texture to pizza doughs. The good thing about this bread is it can be topped with just about anything. Check focaccia on Pinterest or on Instagram and you’ll be surprised with the topping ideas that will surely make this bread even more delicious.

Recipe: Banana Cinnamon Overnight Oats

I first saw these now-famous overnight oats on Pinterest while checking out various recipe boards. When I became more active on Instagram, my feed was filled with colorful overnight oats. I think it’s safe to say that overnight oats has taken over the Internet. The question is why? I’m an “oat-eater” myself since I was in grade school. My grandparents would rather feed me oatmeal than anything else. They say this super grain is very nutritious and a good source of fiber. It’s also good for the heart and helps lower bad cholesterol. So oatmeal became a staple in the kitchen.

Recipe: Chicken/ Shrimp and Veggie Spring Rolls

Let’s try the famous spring rolls! Ever wondered where the yummy spring roll came from? Actually, this delicious food has a long, interesting history but we’ll make it short. According to research, this savory roll was first introduced in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Back then, people used to make thin cakes and eat it along with green leafy vegetables during the start of the Spring Festival. That is where the name “spring dish ” came from. Enter Tang Dynasty, the spring dish had a little upgrade.  While poor families decorate it with carrots and celery, the rich added meat, vegetables and sauces.