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Leche Flan: Smooth and Creamy Goodness

It’s made of creamy custard mixture with a caramel base and caramel glaze. It’s eaten throughout the world especially in the Philippines. Ever since Spain brought it in, the leche flan has always been present during celebratory occasions especially on Christmas. In fact, the dessert is considered an ideal Christmas gift. Indeed, this layer upon layers of goodness is the perfect dessert.


Homemade Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

Even though it means long vacation for most people, summer and I have a love-hate relationship. Sleepless nights, sluggish mornings and lazy afternoons become a routine especially when working at home. I love staying at home though but it can sometimes be unbearable due to heat. On the bright side, summer brings many cold and sweet surprises like ice cream and other frozen desserts.