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During the Community Quarantine…

Caldereta, Sinigang at Tinola | Quarantine Food Diary 1

For my first Quarantine Food Diary video, I shared three simple dishes – Calderata, Sinigang and Tinola. Take note, I didn’t mention any measurement in the video but I did share the step-by-step process. We just worked with what we have and what we were able to buy. Also, this was shot on different days during the first few weeks of the Enhanced Community Quarantine so we couldn’t buy all the ingredients my Abuelita usually add.  However, I can shoot a full video for each recipe in the future.

Quarantine Food Diary

Hi! This is Clari and I’m working on a short project I call Quarantine Food Diary. I will be sharing a series of short cooking videos and ASMR food videos showing simple dishes we prepare at home. I am aware that quarantine is emotionally challenging but we need to stay home as it plays a big part in flattening the curve. Honestly, I’m still very anxious but I, we need to calm down. So I searched for an outlet where I can pour my energy. That’s when I realised I still have my blog and this channel.