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Mango or Guava? PIK-A-PIKEL Now at 7-Eleven Stores!

Mangga or mango is the national fruit of the Philippines. This lovely fruit is heart-shaped with a single flat seed. Unripe ones have a smooth green skin and crunchy flesh while the ripe ones have yellow skin with a soft, sweet, and juicy pulp.  If you prefer the unripe ones, then you will love Pik-a-Pikel’s products that comes in a jar or pouch! Pik-a-Pikel founded by Victor Antonio B. Nola Jr, a.k.a Tony, started in 2011 where he joined bazaars in the metro to sell his homemade creations which was a hit! So when he was given the opportunity, he grabbed it, researched and planned well. Would you like to know his story and how Pik-a-Pikel make their pickled mangoes? Here you go! 🙂 

SeaKing’s Ready To Eat Bottled Bangus

On our last grocery shopping, we stumbled upon this glorious bottled bangus (milkfish). These are ready to eat bottled bangus by SeaKing and it comes in different flavours – Bangus Authentic Binagoongan, Bangus Spanish Style, Bangus Adobo Classic, Bangus Bicol Express, Bangus Oriental Tausi, Bangus In Hot & Spicy Tomato Sauce, Bangus Flakes In Oil and Bangus In tomato sauce. I personally haven’t tried SeaKing or, maybe I am not aware. You see SeaKing has a lot of products. Here’s a short background:

Have You Tried Rebisco’s Yema Spread?

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t know Rebisco has a spread. But I did a little research and found an article on their website. It was published on April 2018 with the title, “Rebisco marks 55 years in business”. Basically, it says that Rebisco which is a household name is celebrating its 55 years in the industry and how they have expanded their offerings to other food categories. They now have an ice cream line called Creamline, beverages like the Chalife Milk Tea and spreads such as Happy Peanut Butter and the Rebisco Yema Spread. 

Christmas Gift? How About Menggay’s Gourmet Tuyo!

You’ve probably seen those bottled fish creations all over social media and weekend markets. These creations have been around for a long time but it’s only this year that they are being recognized, all thanks to social media. Honestly, I love them! They are delicious and perfect as a gift. I know there are several choices in the market but I recently got to try Menggay’s bottled fish creations. They have Gourmet Tuyo with garlic & olive oil, Smoky Barbecue Bangus and Spanish Style Sardines. Oh, they also have Chili Garlic in olive oil!