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Ojet’s Lecheng Puto Bumbong Now Available at The Grocer by OLM

From Ojet’s Lecheng Maja Blanca to Lecheng Inutak, The Grocer by OLM now offers authentic Puto Bumbong just in time for the start of the Christmas season. Yes, Christmas starts early in the Philippines making it one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world. I mean come on, who wouldn’t get excited in counting down 100 days before Christmas? With what’s happening in 2020, I believe you need something great to look forward. The question now is, are you ready to taste Christmas? You see, Puto Bumbong is a Filipino purple rice cake steamed in bamboo tubes traditionally sold during the Christmas season. But since we need to stay home, let me share with you a great solution.

Shenn’s Pizza: Affordable Pizza For All!

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world. I think it’s because people love the combination of bread, cheese and tomato sauce which is the base of any pizza. With that, you can add in various ingredients that suit your palette. You can go all veggies, all meat or whatever you are craving! Another great thing about pizza is you can eat it whenever you want. Now it all goes down to where you should buy it and how much you are willing to spend. If you’re on a budget, I suggest getting yours from Shenn’s.

Soft, Chewy & Loaded with Chocolate Chips: Chookies’ Baked Goodies

I think we can agree that everyone loves cookies. However, not all love those crunchy or thin ones. Some prefer soft and chewy cookies. If you’re one of them, I’m happy to introduce to you Chookies’ Baked Goodies: All their cookies are freshly baked; not to mention, chewy and loaded with chocolate chips. Though it’s loaded, the cookies aren’t that sweet. Chookies’ Baked Goodies are made with a low sugar level without sacrificing quality and taste.

Banana Bread, Spanish Bread & Tiramisu by That Awkward Baker from The Awkward Kitchen PH

Do you love watching cooking videos on YouTube? Then you might have stumbled upon a channel called The Awkward Kitchen PH. Here you will find several relaxing cooking videos which you can easily follow. But if you’re not ready for that, here’s a piece of great news. That Awkward Baker from The Awkward Kitchen PH has finally opened her online bakery. She sells freshly made desserts, pastries and bread.

Gangnyeom & Sriracha Mansi by Noisy Kitchen’s GANG GANG Boneless Fried Chicken

Have you heard of the Noisy Kitchen? Noisy Kitchen is a launchpad for food startups. They help food entrepreneurs succeed by eliminating the risks in starting a business so you can focus on the more important things to make your business grow. The Noisy Kitchen lineup includes Holy Grill, Lucky Lucy — Chinese American and GANG GANG Boneless Fried Chicken. In this post, I’ll share with you my GANG GANG Boneless Fried Chicken experience!