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Milk Tea at Your Doorstep? The Milk + Honey Café Team & Aljur Abrenica is Here for You!

What? There’s another milk tea shop in the Metro?! It surely is a milk tea shop but saying it’s just another is an understatement. Now, why did I say that? First let me inform you that I was approached by sir Rob, one of the owners of Milk + Honey Café to try their products. Since I wasn’t familiar with the brand, I did my research. And the more I do, the more I feel their passion and appreciate the local brand.

Local Bottled Product: Jacob’s Gourmet Foods

Local bottled products are a blessing, especially these days when you can’t always get what you need in grocery stores. Thus, products sold by small businesses online became everyone’s go-to. The only problem is, there are numerous online shops to choose from. And that does not include the others that are yet to be discovered. I think this is where social media presence comes in. If you are a customer who purchased a product you like, it would be nice to spread the word. #SupportYourLokal

Chocolate Crinkles? Egg Pie? Visit Balai Tinapay

The other week I received a message from a place called Balai Tinapay. They wanted to send over their chocolate crinkles for me to try. After checking their profile and finding them on Google Maps, I realised three things. One, I pass by that area but never noticed them. Two, Balai Tinapay offers different types of bread, one of which is the famous ube cheese pandesal. And lastly, I was craving for their egg pie. So I ordered one whole egg pie which only costs Php 250. (I want to be crystal clear. I paid for that one, entiendes?)