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Affordable Products at Shine Korea Supermarket, Timog Avenue

I previously featured Nathaniel’s Bakeshop in Timog Avenue. In that same area, you will also find a store that sells various Korean products. I know I keep using the hashtag “Support You Lokal” and promoting local products on my social media pages but this also means supporting the businesses in your area. So if you like Korean products, I don’t see anything wrong purchasing on stores near you. Shine Korea Supermarket Shine Korea Supermarket offers various products from seasonings to kitchenware. You can check their Facebook page’s shop section to view all the items. But let me share with you a couple of products we got from them.

Beef Shawarma Bake by Get Baked!

Have you heard of the latest food trend, Sushi Bake? I haven’t had any of that because I’m was busy searching for a good Ube Cheese Pandesal. I am; by the way, happy to report I already completed my list. 🙂 Moving on to the new food trend, I stumbled upon a brand called CloudEats, a food-based start-up to serve delicious meals that can be easily ordered online!

Open for Take-out & Delivery: Get Your Ube Cheese Pandesal, Leche Flan & More at Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop is known as the home of Pampanga’s famous Buko Pandan Salad since 1994. But Nathaniel’s Bakeshop AND Restaurant has grown to offer a wide range of quality yet affordable food. Besides bread, pastries, native delicacies and delights you give as pasalubong, they also have dim sum, noodle soup, congee, pasta, pancit and rice meals. Sadly, Nathaniel’s Food Corporation has decided to discontinue its dine-in services in all their branches to protect the health of its customers and employees. Are you a regular customer? No worries because take-out and delivery services through Grab Food and Food Panda remain open.

From the Maker of Lecheng Maja Comes Lecheng Inutak

From the maker of Lecheng Maja comes to another great culinary invention called Lecheng Inutak. Direk Ojet recently released his newest addition to his gourmet kitchen. Like his first creation, the Lecheng Inutak also comes with layers and layers of goodness. But first, what is Inutak? Inutak is a Pateros delicacy also known in neighbouring Taguig City. It is made of sticky rice mixed with coconut milk and coconut cream baked over a charcoal fire. Ojet’s Lecheng Inutak, on the other hand, offers a fresh new spin!

Milk Tea at Your Doorstep? The Milk + Honey CafĂ© Team & Aljur Abrenica is Here for You!

What? There’s another milk tea shop in the Metro?! It surely is a milk tea shop but saying it’s just another is an understatement. Now, why did I say that? First let me inform you that I was approached by sir Rob, one of the owners of Milk + Honey Café to try their products. Since I wasn’t familiar with the brand, I did my research. And the more I do, the more I feel their passion and appreciate the local brand.