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Perfect Pairing: Fried Chicken & Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

I don’t like mayonnaise that much unless it’s on tuna sandwich or an egg sandwich. I’m also not a fan of dips and sauces. For me, if the food tastes good then there is no need for those. I just don’t want to ruin a perfect dish. But after discovering Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, I have a change of heart. This unique savoury dip which contains real eggs and high-quality oil; not to mention Omega 3 and 6 is delicious. It also has a creamy texture. When I dipped in a piece of crispy fried chicken, it did not overpower the taste of the dish. Instead, it complements the crispy fried chicken.

Finally Found This Beautiful Can of Coca-Cola with Coffee!

In case you didn’t hear the news,  Coca-Cola with Coffee was made available at selected MiniStop branches late last year for a limited time.  I tried to get my hands on this coffee-flavoured cola but couldn’t find one. I even checked various supermarkets near me but nothing. Eventually, I forgot about all about it! Fast forward to New Year’s Day.  I knew traffic will be light that day so I took my family to a mall I’ve been wanting to visit. Actually, there are several malls I wanted to visit but Ayala Malls The 30th was on the top of my list because this restaurant I’ve been meaning to try has a branch there.

Avoid the Christmas Rush with SpeedRegalo Inc.

Traffic will always be there especially during the holiday season. That is why I am a hundred per cent sure you have been having problems getting from point A to point B. Would you like some help? I was not aware of this company before. But after stumbling upon them, I decided to check their website especially the products they have. That company is called SpeedRegalo Inc.

Mango or Guava? PIK-A-PIKEL Now at 7-Eleven Stores!

Mangga or mango is the national fruit of the Philippines. This lovely fruit is heart-shaped with a single flat seed. Unripe ones have a smooth green skin and crunchy flesh while the ripe ones have yellow skin with a soft, sweet, and juicy pulp.  If you prefer the unripe ones, then you will love Pik-a-Pikel’s products that comes in a jar or pouch! Pik-a-Pikel founded by Victor Antonio B. Nola Jr, a.k.a Tony, started in 2011 where he joined bazaars in the metro to sell his homemade creations which was a hit! So when he was given the opportunity, he grabbed it, researched and planned well. Would you like to know his story and how Pik-a-Pikel make their pickled mangoes? Here you go! 🙂 

SeaKing’s Ready To Eat Bottled Bangus

On our last grocery shopping, we stumbled upon this glorious bottled bangus (milkfish). These are ready to eat bottled bangus by SeaKing and it comes in different flavours – Bangus Authentic Binagoongan, Bangus Spanish Style, Bangus Adobo Classic, Bangus Bicol Express, Bangus Oriental Tausi, Bangus In Hot & Spicy Tomato Sauce, Bangus Flakes In Oil and Bangus In tomato sauce. I personally haven’t tried SeaKing or, maybe I am not aware. You see SeaKing has a lot of products. Here’s a short background: