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This category focuses on the previous month’s blog posts and events. It also contains announcements of new projects and so on.

April 2019 Blog Roundup + Welcoming May

Buenas! Quetal man ustedes? Bueno man? 🙂 Before we bid April farewell, let me share with you what I did that month. Wait a minute! I just realized that I didn’t have a lot of activities outside work mainly because the summer heat came early. You know what? People should really stop calling it summer because we don’t have the other three seasons – spring, fall (autumn), and winter. As far as I know, the only seasons in the Philippines are Wet, Dry and Christmas season! 😉

March 2019 Blog Roundup + Welcoming April

Hola, amigos! I usually post a blog roundup every first day of the month. Since April 1 is Fool’s Day, I didn’t dare to as you might not believe my updates. 🙂 Anyway, March 2019 was a very busy and stressful work month for me. That is why I was so thankful for my other activities which include foodie meetups and media launches as I was able to have fun and loosen up a bit. Before those, I would like to first share with you that I participated in a campaign that featured women and coffee to celebrate International Women’s Day. Here’s the link to the post. If you haven’t already, please follow me, like the photo, and if you love coffee like I do, follow the brand. Now, let me share with you what I did last month. I attended Camp Curry’s Media Day at their second Philippine branch located at Ayala Malls Feliz. Do you love camping AND curry? You can experience both in this camping-themed restaurant called Camp Curry! Hailed as one …