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Easy Champorado Recipe Using Native Gourmet’s Fine Roasted Cacao

Hello and welcome to our “Recipe Corner”. Today’s post is brought to us by Jean. She’s in charge of our recipe section but has been quite busy lately. Anyway, I shared with her the items I got at Ultra Super Green one of which is Native Gourmet’s Fine Roasted Cacao. We were feeling a little cold lately so she helped us make Champorado. – Clari Feeling a little chilly lately? Well, it is already November which means the Christmas breeze is in! If your morning coffee isn’t enough, why not make yourself a warm bowl of champorado? Champorado or tsamporado is a Filipino rice porridge made from glutinous rice cooked with cocoa powder or chocolate and sugar. It is topped with milk and often served with dried salted fish (tuyo) or dried meat (tapa). This Filipino dish is considered both a breakfast and a snack food. In this recipe, we used an all-natural chocolate tablea by Native Gourmet. Tableya; tabliya or tablea is a cacao tablet used mainly to make hot chocolate. They come in flat or …

A New Kind of Magic at the Rainbow Dreams Cafe

Sugar, spice and everything nice. Those were the words that came to mind when I passed by a unicorn cafe in Maginhawa St., Teachers Village East. Last Friday night, Clari (the main blogger and also my niece), Chloe (my daughter) and I went on a random food trip. But before that we first visited The Wander Space to purchase some items. If you’re curious what that place is, Clari has written a review and I soon will.

Recipe: Bibingka-Style Pancake

Christmas is finally over but I’m still craving for that traditional Christmas rice cake. There are actually two of them – bibingka which is made from ground rice, sugar, eggs and butter or margarine and the  puto bumbong (puto pungbong) which is a sticky cylindrical purple rice cake. People eat these after simbang gabi (dawn masses).

Perfect Combo: How to Cook Adobo and Dinengdeng

Want to know how to make your family’s weekend even better? Cook a lovely lunch for everyone to enjoy! The dish that came to mind is non other than . Adobo Adobo is one of the country’s most popular dishes. It consists of meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables which is cooked in vinegar, bay leaf, garlic, pepper and salt with or without soy sauce. This Filipino dish has numerous variation.

Recipe: Our Version of Semi-PINAKBET

It was a Saturday. Since my kids didn’t have school and my husband was at home, we decided to head out and visit my aunt and my niece – Clari, the main blogger. The original plan was to go to the park and eat out but Clari was busy editing our blogs and videos. SO, my aunt and I decided to cook instead.

5 Reasons Why This Food Park is a Kid-Friendly PitStop

Have you read Clari’s PitStop Media Launch round up? How about our video on YouTube – have you watched it? Yes? Great! Let’s get on with my thoughts and observations. As mentioned in our previous blog post, I brought my two kids. While Clari was busy with the “special road trip”, I took the chance to check out the whole park. So what makes PitStop Food Park kid-friendly, you ask? Well, there are five reasons.

Recipe: Chicken/ Shrimp and Veggie Spring Rolls

Let’s try the famous spring rolls! Ever wondered where the yummy spring roll came from? Actually, this delicious food has a long, interesting history but we’ll make it short. According to research, this savory roll was first introduced in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Back then, people used to make thin cakes and eat it along with green leafy vegetables during the start of the Spring Festival. That is where the name “spring dish ” came from. Enter Tang Dynasty, the spring dish had a little upgrade.  While poor families decorate it with carrots and celery, the rich added meat, vegetables and sauces.

Coffee-Infused Cupcake Topped with Creamy Custard and Vanilla Ice Cream

Whether it’s chocolate, red velvet or even vegan and gluten-free, cupcakes will always hold a special place in our hearts. But did you ever wonder where and when cupcakes were first created? Everyone knows that cupcake, fairy cake or cup cake is a small cake served for one person. Frosting and sprinkles are common decorations for cupcakes. However, food historians have yet to identify the exact origin of these cute, little, sweet delights.

Recipe: Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Garlic Bread

Everyone knows that eggs are high in cholesterol level; however, it is not entirely bad for the health. In fact, studies show that eggs contain vitamins A, B and D which are beneficial for the heart. To get the most out of it, poaching is the best cooking technique one can use to cook an egg. Yes, poached eggs are good for the body especially if you want to lose some weight. This is due to the process wherein the eggs are cooked in boiling water. Doing this prevents the fats contained in the egg yolk from being oxidized. So what exactly is this so-called oxidized or oxidation? Let’s say you cut an apple and a few seconds or few minutes the apple turns brown. That would be oxidation which is clearly bad for the body especially if we are talking about “oxidized cholesterol”. Did you know that oxidized cholesterol is one of the factors of developing a heart disease? Since the fats are oxidized, it becomes sticky and when it’s inside the body it …