Author: Hot off the press

Cinemalaya Receives Nikkei Asia Prize

CINEMALAYA Foundation Inc. received the prestigious Nikkei Asia Prize for Culture and Community for its valuable efforts “to shed a new light on the country’s film industry, which had been viewed as dead following a huge decline in production.” Based on the Nikkei citation, “the name Cinemalaya is a portmanteau of Filipino words reflecting the founders’ belief that cinema, ‘cine,’ could enliven consciousness, ‘malay,’ by telling stories in a free and independent manner, ‘malaya.’”

Let’s Getaway to Another Adventure! Exciting Deals Inspired by Merrell’s Let’s Getaway Campaign

It’s the last few weeks of summer and everyone’s determined to squeeze in their last hurrah before school starts and the rainy season rolls in. If you’re still hoping to do a quick getaway with friends this summer, better start planning now. Just in time, Merrell is hyping up the excitement one last time with a special deal on adventure and travel-ready gear you simply can’t miss!

CCP Holds 1st Asia Choral Grand Prix at the CCP In July

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines will host the first Asia Choral Grand Prix on July 21, 2019. The Asia Choral Grand Prix is a competition of the top prize winners of the following international choral festivals in Asia: the Andrea O. Veneracion International Choral Festival (Philippines), the Bali International Choir Festival (Indonesia), and the Singapore International Choral Festival (Singapore).