Author: Clari Says

TLC Burger, Red Velvet Cheesecake & More by EandT’s Kitchenette

EandT’s Kitchenette has been serving home-cooked food and sweet goodies since 2011. They offer yummy and juicy burgers and cupcake bouquet, Japanese cheesecake, chocolate cake, sansrival, red velvet cheesecake and more. Also, they make custom cakes for special events like wedding and birthdays. You can check their Facebook and Instagram account for the complete details. Now let me share with you two EandT’s Kitchenette offerings. The first a yummy and juicy burger.

Break the Distance: Send Books & Cookies This Valentine’s Day

“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.” ― C.S. Lewis Flowers are beautiful and, they make people happy. I feel happiness, too; however, I could not take the sadness afterwards. Seeing the beautiful flower wilt makes me sad.  Please do not misunderstand. There is nothing wrong giving and receiving flowers. It is just a matter of preference. With that said, I love the smell of books and fresh-basked cookies, so receiving books and cookies is lovely. Also, I 100% enjoy reading while eating soft-baked cookies, especially when they are delicious.

Annyeong Noona Korean Food Mart – Congressional Avenue Now Open!

I previously shared two posts/ YouTube videos featuring new establishments in Visayas Avenue Quezon City like Jollibee and WalterMart’s new branch, both located in Wilcon City Center. There is also this new milk tea hub called Tastea&Co. and of course, Dunkin’ Philippines first drive-thru. In this post, let’s move to Congressional Avenue area where a new Korean mart just opened. The place is called Annyeong Noona Korean Mart. From what I learned from watching Running Man, Annyeong is a casual and informal way of saying “Hello” while Noona means older sister used by males.

Dunkin’ Philippines’ First Drive-Thru Now Open

Have you heard the news? A couple of days ago, our family friend dropped by and handed in a dozen doughnuts. He was driving through our area and saw something new. He tried it out, got excited and thus, had two boxes of doughnuts to spare. If you live in or near Visayas Avenue, it might not be new to you. But since the ECQ, I haven’t gone out that much. I had groceries delivered through our doorstep and only buy from the mobile palengke that passes by our village. In this blog post, let me share with you some Visayas Avenue discoveries!